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Geordie Girls Newcastle is always looking for new and useful ways to share helpful information on what our escorts get up to and what direction our Newcastle escort agency is heading.

In this blog I will be discussing the reasons for why we at Geordie Girls Newcastle believe our escorts are best suited for both male and female clients, this is because most of our escorts are Bisexual and enjoy the company of both genders.

We will also have our Top 3 recommendation for the escorts Newcastle have to offer, with various reasons why they are in the top 3 and of course, reasons for why they're the Escorts for you. This is all to ensure you find your dream Geordie escort from Geordie Girls Newcastle.

Bisexual Escorts Newcastle has to offer!

Geordie Girls Newcastle has a small yet precious range of escorts that are available 24/7 with a handful of them being bisexual and open to both sexes. This is beneficial because the amount of bisexual women in Newcastle is quite high, this ensures there is even someone for bisexual women at Geordie Girls Newcastle.

This helps our escorts exercise what they truly love and in turn this gives our clients an experience that they have never had before and of course this leads to a night where your dreams are fulfilled, and possibly the dreams of your female partner as well.

Numbers don't lie, and in the recent years more and more women have booked a bisexual escort to either enjoy by themselves or to have fun with their partners. No matter what you're into you will be able to make this come true with a bisexual Geordie Girls Newcastle escort.

Our Top 3 Naughty Escorts



Lisa is one of our youngest and newest escort to join Geordie Girls Newcastle, and even though she has less experience than others, she sure has motivation to make sure each and everyone of your dreams and desires are fulfilled.

Because of this dedication, we have decided to add her to the Top 3 due to her attention to every client, but of course that's not all that Lisa has to offer, and many of our clients have started to notice just how gorgeous this 23 year old is, she has assets to surprise any man, and of course any woman too.

Her wavy black hair is shoulder length and is almost long enough to cover her 32B gift, she has a figure that is slim yet slender with curves in areas you know you want them. Lisa is a sweet and charming young lady who is perfect for any man or woman who is lucky enough to have her.

heart Black Hair

heart Geordie

heart Petite

heart 32B

heart Favourite Drink: White Sangria




Jess is definitely an experienced escort that knows exactly how to make your night end well, she has been with us for many years and is by far a favourite for many of our clients, this is surely for many reasons and all of them is the reason she is in our Top 3.

Jess has a personality which is both firm and warming, she is a woman who will be a stern as she needs to, just to reward you with a charming kindness that is rarely seen, and we know for certain that it is this asset which a handful of our clients can't get enough of.

Although there are certainly more than just her kind words, Jess has a figure that is by far a figure that will make you look twice, she is gifted with a pair of 34B which are natural, which happens to be a popular feature. Jess is perfect for those couples looking for an exciting way to mix up their nights, as she takes care of all of her clients, male and female.

heart Light Brown Hair

heart Geordie

heart Slim & Slender

heart 34B (Natural)

heart Favourite Drink: Malibu Cocktail




Jenny likes to take the title of Queen Bisexual, and for this title alone she has made her way to the Top3 Bisexual escorts Newcastle has to offer.

Jenny is an outgoing and down to earth 27 year old, and makes sure each and every day is lived to the full, and she takes this great motive to all of her clients, making sure they have the best experience they can when booking with Geordie Girls Newcastle.

There is no doubt our clients love her due to her attention to detail and kind heart, as these traits can create a dream escort that is certainly getting the attention she deserves. Although her fantastic personality isn't the only reason why she is part of the bisexual three, her figure is an athletic and slim figure with additional bundles of joy, such at her amazing 36B breasts and her sleek long black hair that flows within the wind.

heart Dark Brown Hair

heart Geordie 

heart Athletic Figure

heart 36B

heart Favourite Drink: Sex on the Beach


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