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Summer Date Ideas

Here at Geordie Girls we are extremely excited and pleased with this beautiful sunny weather and so are our gorgeous escorts.

If you are planning on taking one of our stunning companions out on a date in this beautiful weather why not make it as special as possible and visit some of our top recommended places. We know that some people find the typical bar date awkward or you may just be looking for a little something different to experience so here are some fun and exciting alternatives for you to try.

So let's get into them, in no particular order here are our:


Top 3 places to go!

These locations have been recommended by some of our companions and Trip Advisor on things to do in Newcastle.


  1. The Escape Key – Escape key is part of the Games and Entertainment industry in the lovely City of Newcastle. If you fancy some fun with one of our Intellectual escorts why not visit the newest escape room centre in Newcastle and have a laugh trying to escape one of these tricky puzzle rooms.

    Your companion and you will certainly enjoy this as it's not your normal date and it allows you to create a fun outside of what's normally expected of a typical booking. It's also a very good icebreaker allowing you to feel more comfortable around your stunning model.

    With lots of outdoor bars next to this fun place, you can always go for a drink and quench your thirst in the sun when your done testing your mental capacity on puzzles.

  2. Newcastle Bus Tour – If you are loving this beautiful sunshine as much as us then why not take advantage of it. The Newcastle sightseeing hop-on-hop-off bus service gives you the amazing opportunity to travel around Newcastle/Gateshead and see all of the picturesque landmarks this historical city has to offer along with a beautiful geordie escort.

    Their open rooftop means you sit down and relax with your companion soaking in those sunny summer rays. With prices starting at only £8.00 it means you can have a great date without burning a hole through your wallet.

  3. The Biscuit Factory – If you and your beautiful companion have a keen eye for some artwork then why not visit the biscuit factory, the UK's largest independent art gallery. If you book one of our elegant escorts they will certainly appreciate some of the finer arts in life.

    With over two floors of spectacular artwork, we are sure you can find some paintings you will love to look at. Now we know you will have a sculpture worthy girl on your arm but if you want to look at some different sculptures which are beautiful then there are an awful lot at The Biscuit Factory; they won't beat the stunning looks of your geordie escort though!

    You can also by some of the art if it takes your fancy or treat your companion These dates will enhance your time with a Geordie girl because we know that they love nothing more than going to new places and avoiding the stereotypical dates, e.g, Bars, Clubs, and Restaurants.

Thank you for reading our Geordie Grils blog and we hope this advice helps you.


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