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The Perks of Escorting With Geordie Girls

You may of heard good and bad things about the escorting industry, which is like any profession but we thought whether you're an active escort or just someone looking to get into the industry, there are more than a few perks to the job we could talk about to entice you to go for a career in escorting, or maybe simply give you a little confidence boost in your job or give you a new found appreciation for what you do.

One of the best aspects of being an escort is the fact you have added perks to your jobs other jobs don't get such as regularly staying in luxurious hotels where the bed sheets have a high thread count, room service is always available, luxurious beds and decor, regularly changed sheets and fresh towels and most of all you don't have to do much other than relax. Sure you'll take your bookings in the hotel but that doesn't take away from the fact that your clients will pay for your hotel and you get to live like a millionaire.

Expensive hotels are fun and so is the expensive attire you can wear while occupying your expensive hotels. Many women want to dress up more often or get the chance to wear sexy new lingerie but may not have the confidence or simply no one to impress. As an escort you don't have to worry about this, or you do in a different way as it's your job to make sure you keep up to date with fashion trend and that you wear your sexiest lingerie to each booking.

Since this is part of your job your lingerie collection will significantly grow along with everything else in your wardrobe. You will be required to buy more dresses, shoes and make up and to be glammed up a lot of the time to meet expected needs. Escorts indulge in some of the most expensive peices of clothing, jewlerry and shoes to make sure they impress the clients paying big money for their services.

Earn more than average

Some escorts are very open about the fact that the money is the deciding factor to why they pursued a career in this profession or atleast was a very enticing aspect which contributed to their final decision. Considering most jobs in the UK consist of working from 9-5 and average at around £7 an hour it's not hard to see why many escorts not only pursue escorting, but absolutely love their jobs. Escorts charge on average £150 an hour which is a significant increase from the national minimum wage.

This is definitly another perk worth pursuing the industry for but it doesn't just stop there. Other jobs also have certified pay days, where every member of staff is paid on the same day, roughly the same amount every month but this isn't a worry for escorts as they operate under no certified pay day.

Most of us will get payed at the end of month, spend our wage over the weekend and proceed to struggle for the next three weeks untill we get paid again, but again escorts are free of this worry as they get paid per booking. That means if an escort has 15 bookings in a month it's like having 15 paydays. Again, surely all our jobs should work ike this?

As if the money perks wern't enough escorts also get paid in cash. Cash dominates the industry as escorts and agencies refrain from accepting any cash payments that take time to clear or can be retracted later which is why the industry largely operates with cash in hand.

When men book escorts it isn't as simple as going on a website, thinking 'shes nice' and clicking book, although some men may actually do this many men will spend a considerable amount of time fishing through photos and profiles mentally eliminating the women they don't want untill they get to the women of their dreams.

Be loved, respected, and more.

Once she's booked many clients feel like, atleast for the duration of the booking, she is theirs. Some clients fall in love with escorts which can be a problem and others will try to court her during the booking and indulge in having such a stunning woman please them. Many of us are used to being told we're good looking, but to be completelt worshipped, and then get paid for it at the end, is something more unique to escorts.

Escorts are essentially worshipped by there clients and this is definitly a perk of the job. If your feeling low or just not as cheerful or beautiful, you can be sure your client will let you know what a bombshell you are. Some escorts enjoy playing naive as not knowing exactly how attractive you are, in itself is an attractive wuality to have as it allows another person the oppurtunity to tell you. How many other jobs do people tell you how amazing you are before paying you lots of money for being amazing? Surely all our jobs should be like this no?

Another perk of the job and one that is quite common with escorts is recieving gifts regularly. Clients like to impress their escorts as much as escorts aim to please clients and with this they bring presents such as chocolates, flowers and perfume. Some clients, especially the more financially stable clients may buy epensive gifts for women you have impressed them such as fancy dresses or even take them on holiday trips.

The escorting industry has many perks and whether one or all of these perks has persuaded you into the industry, remember escorting is a profession where you serve people and like any other profession it takes alot of hard work, dedication, focus, time and most of all, fun.

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