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How to Book from Geordie Girls Newcastle


At Geordie Girls Newcastle think that everyone should experience an escort once in their lifetime, although when it comes to booking many clients have anxieties towards it. In this article I will be going through the various ways you can book an escort and why these methods are better for different people.


Many of our clients are familiar with our website and the various features that it has, including our wonderful bookings page. Here you can find our unique booking form which we built to ensure a quick and easy booking no matter what time it may be. You can find this on our main navigation menu on the homepage and it by far the main way our clients like to book.

We aim to ensure the form is up to date so clients are able to meet their escorts with ease, we will always be updating the form to makes sure it meets these standards and ensure you our clients a pleasant experience.


You can also book your escorts over the phone where you can talk to our team about exactly what you will want with your escort. Not forgetting the array of questions that you may ask when it comes to enquirers, our receptionist team will ensure that they take care of your every needs.

We pride ourselves on a charming and friendly atmosphere that will definitely ease your nerves. You can find our phone number in the top right of the homepage.


Geordie Girls Newcastle is listed on an array of escort directories to ensure our presence is known. Not forgetting external sites have great features to ensure you can book with ease. For example Bumpix is an escort social site with the chance to see exactly what our escorts post! You can also book from the site which makes it very convenient.

Lastly you can get in touch with us via email, here you will have to state every aspect of your booking to help ensure we get things perfect, but within an email you’re able to explain in great detail what you may want and how you will want it. Which many clients are thrilled with.

E-Mail: [email protected]