A Summer Date with an Escort in Newcastle


Geordie Girls Newcastle is proud to be one of the Newcastle's leading escort agencies, and with this being said we would like to recommend a magical night that you can share with the gorgeous girls that are available. All to ensure you get the best experience of the escorts Newcastle has to offer.

Many can forget the romantic nights on offer in the grand city of Newcastle upon Tyne, with a vast range of charming attractions than you can share with your loyal companion, and they will only be amplified when you share your experiences with an escort from Geordie Girls Newcastle.

Although many of you can feel uneasy or unsure of how you would want your evening to go, so of course, we are here to recommend an evening that you and your escort will remember. Not forgetting you will feel more confident with how to act around your escort then make sure she is smiling throughout your date.

Where else would you want to be this summer than a grand and elegant hotel with your chosen escort, with this blog I will be recommending high-end hotels that will be able to surprise and comfort you by the end of your romantic night, or of course the start of it?


Raby Hunt Inn & Restaurant – This gorgeous high-end hotel is located in Summerhouse, Darlington DL2 3UD and is rated 4.7 stars by guests over the years, this will be down to the hotels wonderful service and warm food but also to the hotel itself, with its walls being dressed in a modern yet fresh décor bringing a calm and organised atmosphere that is portrayed throughout the entire hotel.

Raby Hunt Inn & Restaurant gives the hotel characterful Victorian feeling which goes wonderfully with all of the hotel's modern features, which will no doubt please you but your escort as well.

Rockliffe Hall – This charming, high end, unique hotel is found tucked away Hurworth-on-Tees, Darlington DL2 2DU and has been rated the top 10% of hotels in the area. It has amazing service with very friendly staff to gorgeous tasting food and with 4.6 stars you would think it will have a lot to offer, and you'd be correct!

The hotel is set in a stately Victorian building and is also a former carriage house, the building has been refined throughout and lies only 7 minutes walk from Buckingham Palace, giving it a great location for seeing Newcastle as well, this can quickly become helpful for any last minute plans to see some attractions which just so happens to be a favourite of our escorts.

The Morritt Hotel and Garage Spa – This hotel is based at Greta Bridge, Greta Bridge nr Barnard Castle, Barnard Castle DL12 9SE and definitely has quality on the table. Set in a 6-storey Victorian building with gorgeous white brick. The style of this hotel is nothing less than whimsical with a charming vintage vibe with convenient modern touches such as docks for Apple products, Wi-Fi and so much more.

The cuisine here is to an excellent standard and is served by welcoming staff, there Is also a relaxed lounge/bar which features exposed brick walls. This hotel brings a great mix of vintage characterful design with modern living and certainly pays off, this can become a great place to rest your head especially when a gorgeous escort from Newcastle will be joining you.

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