Escort Etiquette - The Guide to Incall Bookings

Here at Geordie Girls Newcastle, we get hundreds of new clients every week enquiring about In-Call bookings. Many of these new clients have never heard of the phrase escort etiquette and it is key to respecting your companion for the night. Whether it's your very first booking or your one hundredth it is important that you understand what escort etiquette entails. As you can imagine most of the points are common sense but still not everyone knows what is expected of them.


So what is an In-Call booking? An In-Call booking is simply where you travel to Newcastle escort girls home, apartment or hotel room. What happens between two consulting adults in privacy is down to them. In-Call bookings are incredibly popular because:

Saves Money- In-Call bookings are cheaper than outcall bookings. Firstly the hourly rate is less expensive because you are not covering your companions travel costs. Secondly, if you don't want your date for the night coming to your residence, booking a hotel room for the night can be expensive. An In-Call booking can save up to 30%-40% of the total cost an outcall booking would cost you.

More Discrete and Secretive- Many of our clients like In-Call bookings because the experience is totally secretive. There is no trace of having a lady around your home which may lead to questions being asked. Despite Geordie Girls Newcastle never selling or revealing personal details to third parties, for a piece of mind some clients like the fact In-Call bookings mean us as an agency and your female companion for the night do not know where you live, which we understand.

The Booking is Generally Easier- There is no need to plan and prepare your home for your guests coming around. You can leave your home a total mess if you please because you are spending the night at the escorts property. This means all you have to do is prepare yourself for the night of your life.


Escort Etiquette will apply to practically every escort agency. Some agencies will have their own versions unique to the services they provide and we are no different. If you are interested in an In-Call booking, please continue reading because we expect you to honour our etiquette to enable you to experience the best time of your life.

Have Good Hygiene

I know what you are thinking, having good hygiene is something you should be practicing every day and you shouldn't be asked or reminded. But some clients, thankfully not ours, haven't got the message. You want to ensure when you see an escort your appearance is presentable, you want to look good and wow the lady. It is quite simple dress to impress, shave, brush your teeth and make sure your fingernails are clean. ALWAYS have a shower before meeting with an escort, it makes the experience so much safer. If you haven't your companion will ask you to shower in her residence and if you turn down the offer you may be asked to leave.

Be Polite

Treat people how you want to be treated. Do you think being rude and obnoxious is going attract a stunning lady? The answer is no! Our escorts want to give you the best experience of your life so why wouldn't you treat them with respect and dignity. You will be surprised how much more of a fulfilling experience you will have when you treat your date with respect.

Be Punctual

When you book a time and place to meet a lady you never want to be late. It is a waste of your time and you need to think how you would feel if the shoe was on the other foot. If you are going to be late for an In-Call booking due to traffic or unforeseen circumstances then at least be thoughtful enough to call your date and let her know you are running late. To avoid being late, plan in advance your journey and have everything sorted so you are not rushing around last minute.

Pay in Cash

As an agency who are confidential and secure, we ask you pay by cash. Having no credit card details in our system helps us maintain our aims. During the first 15 minutes of the In-Call booking, we ask you pay your companion the money in a brown envelope. It can be really awkward if our ladies have to ask you for the money and it takes away from the date. Never ask for a discount as it is insulting to our stunning girls and the services they provide.

Be Safe

Our ladies will have protection in their residence. We ask you still bring a condom with you just in case. Safety is key and if you refuse to wear a condom she can ask you to leave and refuse to never see you again. The only acceptation would be if you have arranged in advance with your date that she would provide a service which would not require a condom like OWO.

Go to the In-Call Booking Alone

Unless our escorts have arranged a Duo booking, we do not accept clients arriving at our escorts homes with friends. To keep up being a secure agency this would be totally unacceptable and can be unsafe. If this does happen, our ladies are more than welcome to not allow you into their home and call the police if they feel threatened.

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