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Here at Geordie Girls, the safety of you and our Newcastle escorts is our top priority. In this article, we will be discussing the various safety aspects of escorting and general escort safety, with various tips for how you can stay safe, and how to keep yourself safe when diving into the escorting community.

No matter what you hear, anyone telling you that escorting is 100% safe is fooling you, or even worse, fooling themselves. It doesn't take a lot for us to realise that the world we live in isn't safe and dangers can be around every corner, although these are not reasons for why you shouldn't become an escort, as there are a range of procedures that can take care of you while journeying through escorting and ensuring escort safety throughout.

Bear in mind that everyone should be aware of the full risks that can happen when becoming an escort or being part of an escort service, and we hope that this blog will inform you of everything you will need to know.


Any escort will be able to tell you that screening your clients is a must when it comes to providing your service to them, and this happens to be one of the most important steps to take if you want to keep safe. You may think this just isn't necessary and that you will be able to get a feel for someone when you meet them, although this can lead to some very dangerous encounters you wished you never had.

With this being said many escorts have admitted to performing background checks on their clients, simply to ensure both client and escort are able to have a good time, to relax as they're both safe. This is a very sensible choice as any extra effort you do can only drive you towards a safer position, as this industry it's hard to predict what may happen.

Screening your client's phone numbers is also classed as a must, as this is something any escort can do and it will reveal whether or not this person is legit or not, and it a quick and easy way to find out whether or not you want to see this client. Like I said before, peace of mind is certainly something that plays a big roll on the overall enjoyment of the session you two will share, so do make sure you screen your clients in the best way you can, to ensure a magical escorting experience for the both of you and of course the escorts safety.

There is definitely something that every escort should bear in mind, and that's being careful to not overstep your boundaries, for example, there will be many escorts that will want the utmost discretion when it comes to their escorting, and one must understand that it will no doubt be the same for the clients as well. If you overstep and ask too many questions then they may shy away and feel more comfortable trying a different escort. This is one of the reasons why background checks on clients are the most popular option.

What you should take from this is screening clients is a must that will keep you safe, although ease into the process as clients will be nervous as well, and will certainly be thinking whether or not this escort looks like the picture they saw when they booked. Both of you will be wishing for a pleasurable experience, not a sticky escort situation, which brings me to what can happen in a situation you didn't want.


These situations can be an array of encounters, such as meeting a client who is drunk which can lead to violence and often does, to a client who is on drugs or acting suspiciously which can quickly make you uneasy and feeling uncomfortable to see this person, and considering there isn't set escort training you would've only found this out the hard way, and something in this industry the hard way is the worst way.

With this being said, each and every escort should be able to know exactly when an encounter has turned sour and how to exit gracefully without making the situation worse. There are certain steps to take when it comes to leaving without confrontation and of course, it's mainly based on keeping calm throughout as this will keep the two of you calm, which will give you time to decide when is best to leave.

Something all escorts should understand is that they're allowed to leave whenever they want, and none should feel bad for doing so, as clients have certain rules they must obey to ensure they have your consent. If you feel like something is wrong then leave in the calmest way you can, because of the most important aspect of this job and escorting, in general, is the escorts safety, and the safety of their clients.

Most of us may have trouble determining when a situation is unsafe, and of course, we will go through what to look out for so you know exactly what to do and how to de-escalate the situation when you find yourself in an uncomfortable position.

Firstly, make sure you stay calm and keep your suspicious client thinking that nothing is wrong. You can do this easier than you think, for example, if the client is drinking then asking them to make you a drink ensure that they're involved with something, and not necessarily having their eyes on you. This alone is enough for you to make your exit, although there are more smooth and reliable methods for if you need to exit.

The Fake call app is something all of us could get a use out of, not just escorts. If you have a phone that supports apps then downloading the Fake Call app with giving you the ability to call your phone whenever you need to ring, you can then fake the call as being an emergency, and leave with the client being none the wiser.

All in all, we advise you to keep calm no matter what situation you're in, as thinking clearly will ensure the process of leaving with be smooth and clear as well.


All of us have made sure we are up to date with the knowledge we need to know when it comes to sexual safety, although this is more so for the escort community. In this section we will go through the various signs you should look out for, with tips on understanding the different kinds of services that have the highest risk when it comes to STD's.

The escorts based here have never caught anything they didn't want due to the safety precautions they have taken over the years, such as casually checking the client's genitals to ensure you don't find anything alarming like bumps, warts or rashes and this should be done way before a sexual service is performed. Although you may wonder how you do this without it becoming obvious you're checking for unwanted assets, and of course, the answer to that would be starting with a hand job and feeling around, you will be looking for smooth and soft skin. If you feel any bumps then feel free to check it out.

Other precautions will include looking at the client's mouth and around the edges, anything that will make you feel like something is wrong will make sure you act accordingly because when it comes to it, escorts sexual safety is the most important aspect of the job.


The very nature of escorting can leave you feeling unsafe as you're either going to a strangers house or allowing a stranger into yours. This can flag a range of worries and insecurities that can be dealt with and made easier with escort security.

Even though you may think a security guard is over the top, you will definitely enjoy the stress-relief that comes with having one, as you never know when you will be in a situation where you don't feel safe, and in this industry that can happen in a heartbeat. There are two main aspects of security that are available to an escort when visiting a client, the first being Escort Drivers and General Security.

Some of you may already know about the levels of security that is available to you when being part of an agency, and this included having a driver to accompany you to your clients, and to stay outside on standby in case you need to call them.

This is certainly something escorts should be involved in, although for independent escorts it's simply not that easy. So of course, we will go through what you can do to keep yourself safe, when you can't get hold of a big security guard.

The biggest and most effective way to have the same level of security is hiring your own security guard instead of having an agency based service, although this can become very expensive and this leaves you with a few choices. This can include having someone reliable to escort you to your client if you're doing an Out Call and to have them stay in the car until you're done. It is also highly recommended that you discuss the routine with you so you both know exactly what is going on.

For example, once you have met your client and take the money, you can text your driver to let them know you're okay and comfortable to provide your service. If your driver doesn't hear from you in 15 minutes then that will be the time for them to exit the car and check to see if you're alright. This ensures independent escorts safety and you can even go the extra step by learning code words to use between you and your driver.

If you don't have anyone available to be your driver then do not worry, as there are ways to overcome this. For example, going to a strip club and talking with the security guards is a great way to find a driver, as most of them will enjoy the idea of extra work, especially when all it involves is escorting someone to their destination. They will have a great background when it comes to security, and of course, they will be fine working with the someone who is part of the adult industry.


Many of you will know that you can have your own defence, although you must understand that your defence is only as good as your ability to keep a situation calm and your ability to use the weapon of choice effectively & safely.

Please bear in mind that you will find this kind of defence as a sticky situation, as many items you choose for self-defence can end up backfiring and causing you to be in a lot of trouble. With this being said, we wouldn't recommend bringing a firearm to a clients apartment, although a bottle of pepper spray should be on you at all times! Even if you're not an escort, having pepper spray is a defence that any man or woman can take advantage of, provided it's used correctly and in the right situation.

A very popular weapon of choice is, of course, your mobile phone, this is a brilliant tool that any escort can take advantage of as it can get you out of many situations you don't want to be in, just as we discussed above. It is important to ensure you remember to have your phone with you at all times as you will want to be able to grab it if you need it quickly.

Another great safety tip is to take each and every step slow when it comes to meeting a client for the first time. If it's an out call then you can arrange to meet in a local pub/bar to have a few drinks with them first, and if they're eager to get back to do the business, then that might be a sign that this client is one you don't want to be with. It also allows a chance for you to get to know each other, so both of you can feel more comfortable before heading to the next step, as a calm client ensures the escorts safety.

Lastly, is an effort that you can take which can trump all other suggestions for self-defence, and that's taking actual self-defence lessons. Of course, this is one which will take, dedication, hard work and money, although the outcome is one that will set you up for life. Not only will you be able to do your escorting alone, you will be able to keep yourself safe no matter what, you will be able to identify when a situation is becoming violent and this time you will be able to deal with it, by yourself.

Martial Arts is definitely the option that we would recommend, as there are many pros to learning this kind of self-defence in general. Although no matter what you choose, we hope that you keep safe while you're out escorting and that you have learnt something from our blog post, in the hope that this blog was just what you needed to get yourself out of a sticky situation. (No pun intended.) 

If you have enjoyed learning about the points we have discussed and would like to know more, then visit SAAFE a great site and resource on everything you need to know when it comes to escorts, the business, and the risks.


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