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Believe it or not becoming an escort is a decision that a lot of men and women have contemplated, a lot more than you'd of guessed. First and foremost being an escort does not mean you have lowered yourself, many of our the escorts we have in Newcastle are empowered and self confident men and women that take to escorting for a wide variety of reasons, not forgetting with an agency like Geordie Girls Newcastle you will feel quite comfortable as you will be seen as a women with elegance and sophistication while being part of a high class Newcastle escort agency.


There are many reasons for why people decide to become an escort, and if you're in that same position then you will surely have a hundred and one thoughts going around your mind and this can easily lead to becoming unsure. Whatever reasons you have for your motivation to become an escort, we will take you through the tips and ticks to help you feel at ease when it comes to becoming an escort.

Firstly, for those who simply don't know, we will go through what escorts do when they're called to a client as knowing what is fully expected of you is very important to ensure you have the confidence needed. There is a long list of popular escort services from 'GFE' all the way to 'Greek/A-Level'. It's always best that no one is thrown into a situation thinking they're there to do one service and one service only, when usually that's not the case. It is best to fully understand the position you're in and know that you're in control at all times, it's also important to remember that there are an entire list of services that you don't have to do, all to ensure the experience is a pleasant one for everybody including you.

Considering the nature of the job you can imagine that everyone enjoys it for a different reason, when really you can imagine that most escorts are doing it for the money and why wouldn't they? The amount of money involved in escorting jobs are values to make your eyebrows raise and eyes widen although of course, everything depends on a lot of different variables such as rates, services etc. It's important to sit down and think to yourself “How am I going to escort” and “What kind of escort do I want to be” as many women over the years have done it wrong and ended up having an experience they didn't expect, and of course there are girls who work hard and achieve the complete opposite.

Unsuccessful Escorts mistakes: Having no money when you start off, this can make your advertising limited and in turn less bookings. Not working for an agency and starting from scratch, where as this can work it also takes hard work and can sometimes fail like any new business. Bad organisation can lead to you sitting and waiting for the phone instead of working on getting your advertisements out there, this leads to monthly incomes varying from 3000 to 1000 which can seriously disrupt your lifestyle as you will just be getting by.


Of course with this topic it's easy to understand that you can be an escort for as long as you want, it's completely your decision, a decision that may be swayed whether you're independent or part of an escort agency like Geordie Girls Newcastle as being part of a team can really boost your confidence and will ensure safety. Although a good idea recommended from one of our geordie escorts is once you have completed a year with an agency and with the confidence you have gained, you can have a go at starting your own business and becoming independent.

This can benefit you in many ways, such as seeing less clients than before to help you ease into this new business and to create and moderate your own rates and services but also giving you more time to spend for yourself. This leads to you being in control but still being able to do what you love. Being a Newcastle escort can be very flexible, as long as you take care of the steps you make to ensure your escorting is the best you can make it.


Firstly, it would be best to decide whether or not you would like to work In-Call or Out-call, as most agencies will be providing a certain service which may include their escorts being available to In-Call & Out-Call. If you're happy being independent you might decide providing In-Call & Out-Call is the best for you, however whatever you decide is there are definitely some things you will want to know before making the big decision.

In-Call Pros:

  • Travelling isn't an issue, you won't have to go anywhere, clients come to you.

  • They will be coming to your own place, this can put you at ease as you aren't travelling to somewhere you've never been before.

In-Call Cons:

  • With more and more clients, In-Call can become repetitive and quite boring.

  • Clients will know your address, this can be bad in case you feel unsafe in your area or if you don't want clients around your home.

Out-Call Pros:

  • You can keep your personal address private. Meaning your work and and your personal life are separate.

  • You will be able to mix it up with different sceneries and hotels to keep each encounter fresh and new.

Out-Call Cons:

  • There is a chance that it can be quite dangerous going to a strangers house alone, even more so If you're an independent escort.

  • Travelling can sometimes be long and most escorts don't enjoy a long drive there and back.

If you have made your decision on whether or not you would like to provide an In-Call or Out-Call service than you're in a good position to decide whether you would like to be an independent escort or be part of an escort agency in Newcastle. Of course there will be Pros and Cons to this decision so we will go through the points to help you feel more at ease.

Escort Agency Pros:

  • They will be able to take care of all the overwhelming advertisements needed to get you noticed.

  • They will screen the clients to ensure you are safe and meeting genuine people.

  • They provide a driver when you're on an Out-Call to help with the flow of the booking and to ensure overall safety.

  • You will be part of an already established business so as soon as you have joined you're part of a highly respected team.

Escort Agency Cons:

  • Even though they do the advertising for you, you have little control over how you're advertised.

  • They take a reasonable cut out of your money, but of course they're keeping you safe with each client.

  • You work for someone else and you can't be your own boss.

Independent Escort Pros:

  • You are your own boss and have complete control over everything to do with your business.

  • You control your own expenses and spend you money on what you feel is important.

  • You are able to advertise yourself however you like.

Independent Escorts Cons:

  • Because you're working on your own it is a lot of work to maintain your business.

  • You're in charge of the screening when it comes to clients, this can be seen as a pro, but if you get it wrong, it's only you to blame.

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